RZA Reveals He Gave Drake “Wu-Tang Forever” Vocal For Free

RZA Embraced Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”; Contributed To The Song

(AllHipHop News) When Drake released his Nothing Was The Same track “Wu-Tang Forever” there was significant criticism from Wu fans and others that the song does not properly represent the legendary group.

Several Wu affiliates have come out in support of Drake’s homage and there have been reports that a remix featuring some of the Clan is on the way. Now resident Wu producer RZA reveals that he actually played an important role in “Wu-tang Forever” being finalized.

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“[Drake] sent me [the] song because they couldn’t clear the sample. So I did it myself, personally, for free. Free of charge,” RZA told Rolling Stone.

The 4th track on Drake’s third album was inspired by Wu-Tang Clan’s “It’s Yourz” off the New York rap collective’s 1997 double album Wu-Tang Forever.

“To me, that’s what we meant when we said ‘Wu-Tang is forever.’ We didn’t think we were going to live forever. We meant that the energy of what we do would spread on in culture, generation by generation,” added RZA. “By Drake absorbing it and having that influence in his life and having it be a part of him, it proves what I’m saying.”

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