Scarface Says He Plans To Record A Full Album With Nas


(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview with, Texas Hip Hop legend Scarface expressed he was pretty much done making rap records and was looking to jump into Rock music.

Hopefully, the world will get another Hip Hop album from the Geto Boys founding member, and according to Face, Nas could be his collaborative partner for a likely future project.

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“I talk to Nas maybe once or twice a month, or maybe more than that. We always talk about doing an album together,” revealed Scarface. “We’re probably 99.9999999 it’s gonna happen. But wait, 99.9999999 it can happen, and it probably will happen. But where and who puts that sh*t out is the debate.”

In case some may think Face is just expressing wishful thinking, he goes on to confirm that discussion about the potential collaborative effort is already underway.

“Me and Nas are definitely in talks. It’s not even a money thing with it,” said Face. “It’s like some sh*t that’s got to be done. We’ve been talking about this sh*t for ten years or more.”

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Listen to the Scarface interview below.