Schoolboy Q Discusses Labeling An Album "Classic" & Why The Rap Game Is "F*cked Up"


(AllHipHop News) In the digital age with Internet forums, Twitter, and the YouTube comment section it seems the word “classic” is used to describe a musical project moments after it leaks online.

Many feel the overuse of tagging (or not tagging) an album a masterpiece almost immediately after its release is affecting the way listeners appreciation music, and TDE emcee Schoolboy Q seems to agree with that idea.

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Q recently did an interview with Acclaim, and the Oxymoron creator discussed instant reviews of an artist’s work. According to Schoolboy, it takes time to fully absorbed an album.

“One thing I’m big on is believing in giving an album time. I’ll say you’ll have to give an album three years before you can call it a classic. If you can’t listen to it three years later then it’s not really a classic,” said Q. “I spent a f**king year putting together Oxymoron, and these reviewers have figured it all out and made up their minds about it the day after it was released? Come on man – I poured my heart and soul into this thing. You can’t tell me you absorbed it all after one or two listens!”

The Black Hippy member also addressed the oversaturation in today’s music culture. In Schoolboy Q’s opinion, blogs are partially to blame for the constant music releases from rappers.

“As much as [the music blog mentality] helped the game, it f**ked the game up too. When it came, people just got carried away,” added Q. “There was something dropping all the time. Every day there’s four rappers releasing s**t. It’s just getting out of hand now, I mean. I don’t want to be one of the rappers complaining – I don’t want to sound like I’m playing anybody – but I’m just saying: the game is kind of f**ked up.”

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