Schoolboy Q: The Last Time I Did Mushrooms Was With Macklemore


(AllHipHop News) Schoolboy Q has no problems revealing his  extensive history with drugs whether in song or in interviews while promoting his debut album Oxymoron. During a recent interview, Q revealed that while recording his collaboration with Macklemore, he had a horrifying experience with mushrooms.

While speaking with GrantlandQ explains how he “almost got hit by a car” while high on mushrooms during the recording process of Macklemore’s song “White Walls”:

That was the last time I ever done mushrooms. We just walked around the city and Mack warned me, ‘You in a weird spot at the hotel, it’s not a spot where people be hanging.’ I went out there, it just got creepy as hell. It was like the whole circus of everything. And me and the homeys got creeped out and ran back to the hotel. Some girls was following us. We almost got hit by a car.

The article also reveals that Q’s original tracklist for Oxymoron was altered after “Interscope demanded three singles before he could get the green light”. One thing he did not have to alter about his album is his four  year old daughter’s language. Besides letting his daughter openly curse on a nationally distributed album, Q explains how his parenting techniques are rooted in not playing “that Santa Claus sh*t”:

And she gotta see it from the jump. I never played that Santa Claus s### with her. I take her to the store and say, ‘What you want?’ You can’t with none of this fairy-tale s###. I’m gonna give her the real s###. She know daddy smoke weed. She know I cuss. It’s 2014. Life is just too advanced now to be hiding s### from your kids. This is reality.

With today (February 25) release of his debut album Oxymoron came the Target exclusive track, “Californication” featuring A$AP Rocky. Check out the new song below: