Slaughterhouse To Debut New Music At Live Show, Crooked I Shares More Album Details

Slaughterhouse Ready to Debut New Music, Crooked I Gives LP Details

(AllHipHop News) Crooked I, one fourth of the Slaughterhouse collective, has informed that the group will be debuting new music at their upcoming show this Tuesday (July 16) at The Highline Ballroom in New York City.

In an excerpt from a new interview with AllHipHop, Crooked I also had this to say about the new Slaughterhouse album:

“We (the group) were all out in New York together for 30 days and we decided to see what we can make together during that time. We reminded ourselves of the reasons why we started making music and why we fell in love with Hip-Hop. We ended up banging out about 30 to 40 joints in 30 days. Eminem and Paul Rosenberg told us to go in there and do whatever the fck we wanted to. They told us to just be Slaughterhouse and we took that opportunity to the fullest. You normally don’t get that kind of freedom on a major! They told us not to give a fck about doing club sh*t – just do whatever we wanted. It was like kids being in a candy shop and I think that’s why we banged out so many songs so quickly.

We formed a Slaughterhouse of producers, per say. We put together Just Blaze, the executive producer, and teamed him up with The Justice League and AraabMuzik. I was in Harlem and I sat outside of the studio rooms that they were working in just observing it all. In one room, I heard Just Blaze making some incredible sh*t and then in the other rooms, the Justice League and Araab were doing the same. To turn things up, they all asked us what other producers that we respected and we gave them some names, so they brought in Illmind and Cardiak.

All of these producers came together and I sat in the studio and watched them work. It was a rappers dream! It wasn’t like they were making beats separately. Someone would make a skeleton beat and then another would put music on top and then another would add more ideas on top of it. To me, it was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve ever had. I have a picture of all of those producers in one room together, working at separate stations, passing each other ideas. Something like that will probably not happen again for another 10 years.”

Stay tuned for the rest of our Crooked I interview.