Slowbucks Responds to 50 Cent's Snitch Allegations


(AllHipHop News) Slowbucks has been relatively quiet since the June 1st assault that left him without his jewelry, but he has finally gone on the offensive. Slowbucks has taken to his personal Instagram account to refute 50 Cent’s recent allegations that he is  cooperating with the police.

Slowbucks posted a photo of 50 Cent and himself on Instagram with 50 wearing a police officer badge. The caption of the photo implies that 50 Cent may have helped snitch on other reputed gangsters:

This n%a 50 aka 5-0 got some nerve Who shot me You think it was Preme, Freeze or TahTah (Lord 4 Give Me, 4 I’ve Sin, Over & Over Again Just 2 Stay On Top)

Rumors have circulated that 50 Cent’s “Ghetto Qu’ran” was the reason he was shot nine times back in 2000 as the song gave details of illegal operations from people such as Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Back in September 2003, U.S. investigators uncovered a plan to assassinate 50 Cent hatched by Supreme and members of Murder Inc, which included Cadillac Tah.

Check out Slowbucks’ Instagram response to 50 Cent below:

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