Stevie Wonder: Ferguson Mayor Is Blind If He Doesn't See Racial Tension


(AllHipHop News) Stevie Wonder sees exactly what is up. During a recent interview, Wonder bemoaned about the Ferguson mayor’s oversight of the city in the wake of the Mike Brown shooting.

In late August, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles stated “there’s not a racial divide in the city of Ferguson” in an MSNBC interview. Wonder questioned if the mayor was seeing straight:

I don’t know if the mayor has blinders on. But to say that he didn’t know that there was a racial or cultural problem in the city is unfortunat

Wonder is set to embark on the “Songs In The Key Of Life Performance” tour where he will perform the entire Songs in The Key of Life album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wonder explained that the set list will not mirror the original tracklist:

The only difference to the actual layout of Songs in the Key of Life is, as opposed to ending with the songs ‘All Day Sucker’ and ‘My Mama’s Call,’ I’m going to end it with ‘Another Star,’ because I feel that song is the right one to do. Now, we’re going to put the other two songs that were on the EP in the presentation as well, so they’ll be probably the first two extra songs after the first part of Songs in the Key of Life, which are ‘Saturn’ and ‘Ebony Eyes’

He’ll also performing new songs from his upcoming album Through The Eyes Of Wonder.