Police Say Suge Knight Was Target Of Shooting; Source Says Streets Will Take Care Of Shooter


(AllHipHop News) There had been conflicting reports on whether Suge Knight was the intended target of the shooting that took place at a Chris Brown hosted Pre-VMA party over the weekend, but police have now confirmed that Knight was in fact the person the gunman was aiming at.

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Radar Online is reporting a representative of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has confirmed it appears Knight was the target and not Chris Brown.

Rumors began circulating that Brown may have been the person intended to be hit that night. Even Comedian Katt Williams, who says he was at the scene, suggested the gunshots were actually aimed at someone else and Knight was saving another person’s life.

Suge has reportedly refused to cooperate with authorities investigating the shooting. A source with Radar is also telling the site that the former Death Row Records head is leaving it to people not associated with the police to handle the situation.

“Suge is confident that the gunman will be dealt with on the street, as these matters usually are,” said the source. “Given that it’s gang related, there are serious expectations of a retaliation hit. The longer cops go without making an arrest, the more likely it is that the gunman won’t be caught.”

Knight was shot six times at West Hollywood’s 10AK Club. He is currently in intensive care at Cedars Sinai Hospital, and his room is said to be under police protection.

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