The Odd Side: The 2 R's In Rotation

Raury and Run the Jewels in play this week? Enough said.

This week, there was a plethora of good news in music. While Drake blessed us with three tracks to celebrate his 28th Birthday (before storming into strip clubs), Logic introduced himself to the mainstream hip hop world with his debut album Under Pressure. Though these stories were big in their own way, they didn’t catch my attention like Killer Mike and El-P out of no-where released their second self-titled album as Run The Jewels.  Prior to this surprise release, an album that was continuously in rotation was Raury’s project Indigo Child. Sure, the project may have released a few months ago, but this project is one of the more deeper project to drop this year, and may be one of the best out this year. The Raury and Run the Jewels albums this week were the two R’s in rotation, two albums with their own unique style to keep the week going.

If you’ve been following The Odd Side since the first week, then you might be quite familiar with Raury and the fire he was spitting on SBTRKT’s song “Higher”, but it doesn’t doesn’t do any justice to the sound he has made for himself through his debut project Indigo Child. Through the combination of rock, rhymes, vocals and arguments, Indigo Child is a project hard to describe within only one genre of music, but the playthrough will bring an experience completely different to your ears. Raury’s been on  a steady rise ever since the summer, working with Kanye West and even earning a set on Outkast’s festival #ATLast in late September, so you may want to look out for this young artists if you haven’t already!

Hella fans were patiently waiting for Run The Jewels 2 release this week, but when both Killer Mike and El-P decided to release their highly anticipated album FOR FREE early on Friday. Twitter went crazy, and tons of hilarious tweets flooded the timelines of Hip Hop fans everywhere. The two artists have had previous success before they collaborated, but when Mike and El-P come together, it is hard rhymes over aggressive electric beats. This time around, Run The Jewels comes harder, and will keep you raging until the last song. With a diverse list of appearances from Travis Barker to Gangsta Boo, Run The Jewels 2 is a true definition of experimental hip hop.

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