Hip-Hop Rumors: Tim Dog's Family Thinks He's Alive Too!



What in the HELL is going on? I’m so serious that I’m laughing! Hip-Hop has gone mad. There is a rumor that Tim Dog is still alive. You know that by now, but guess what I am hearing, HIS FAMILY THINKS THE SAME. It seems there was a funeral, but there was NOTHING there to confirm that Tim Blaire was actually dead. No body and no death certificate. Generally, when somebody dies, the family deals with the “affairs.” I don’t know who handled Tim Dog’s but it certainly wasn’t his closest family members, my source says. They are telling me that they don’t believe it because no concrete evidence has yet to be produced that he was dead. So now there is a warrant out for Tim’s arrest. If they put an award on it, we’ll get out and look.

I think Tim Dog is more concerned with becoming legendary for reasons other than music if you ask me. The amount he was to pay was nominal at best, even though it was a total of $2 million. He was never going to pay all that.

SOURCE: illseed.com

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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