Trick Trick Speaks On Rick Ross/"No Fly Zone" Situation


(AllHipHop News) Earlier this week Rick Ross finally addressed the cancellation of his performance at Hot 107.5′s Summer Jamz concert in Detroit, and now the other person linked to the incident is speaking out about the situation.

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The reason Ross was blocked from the venue that night was allegedly tied to rapper Trick Trick’s “No Fly Zone” rules. In a video message, Trick expresses his anger that his movement has been misinterpreted and that whatever happened between he and Ross does not belong in the media.

My “No Fly Zone” ain’t about taking nobody’s money. I don’t want your motherf**king money. Nobody. What the f**k I look like telling somebody you got to pay me to come to my town? Don’t you think I would have been in f**king prison if that’s what was going on? And as far as the incident the other day, you see what the f**k the police said – no arrests were made. So what the f**k did I do wrong? That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct, nothing happened to him.

Nobody had the right to be making no mini-documentaries and putting it out in the atmosphere any-motherf**king-way. It didn’t belong out there. Y’all should have been talking about all the great artists that did perform that evening. The good part about it instead of going right after the negativity. Y’all got the game f**ked up.

That’s what wrong with this motherf**ker now. Ain’t nobody talking about no music. That man’s a musician. I’m a musician. Our business don’t belong on the Internet. It ain’t none of your motherf**king business what me and that man [have] going on or what the f**k happened that day.

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The mini-documentary Trick is referring to is a YouTube video created by Hot 107.5 that showed footage of the station’s Jay Hicks telling the crowd at the concert that Ross was not hitting the stage because he was “in fear of his life.” The video also featured different radio personalities explaining Trick’s “No Fly Zone.” It has since been taken down from the Internet.

Trick goes on to apologize to concert goers upset over not being able to see Ross perform at the show, and he states artists are welcome to come to Detroit as long as they connect with him or one of the city’s “representatives” to offer support to the citizens. He also asserts his only goal is to teach his brothers how to stand up for what they believe in in a nonviolent way.

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To watch Trick Trick’s message visit here.