Troy Ave: 50 Cent Calling Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks My Hypemen Was Wack


(AlHipHop News) Troy Ave is one of the hottest rappers coming out of NYC at the moment. The Brooklyn born rhyme spitter’s 2013 project New York City: The Album was received positively by critics and helped him land a spot on XXL’s 2014 Freshmen cover.

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Troy’s debut album also created a lot comparisons to fellow New Yorker 50 Cent. The G-Unit leader admitted that he saw a lot of himself in Troy and wanted to see him succeed, but there was another comment made by 50 that Troy did not take as a compliment.

In an interview with Hot 97 in April, 50 referred to his former G-Unit partners Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks as Troy Ave’s “hypemen.” While he claimed the statement was not a “shot” at Yayo and Banks, some people did see it as disrespectful to essentially label the veteran rappers as a new artist’s sidekicks.

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Apparently, Troy agrees. He responded to 50’s hypemen comment during an interview with the Breakfast Club.

“I think that was wack. That’s they personal issues. I don’t really be having an opinion on other people’s personal issues,” said Troy. “I think it was wack. I wouldn’t have said that about my people, but I don’t know what they got going on. Lloyd Banks is definitely in my new video, and I don’t feel like they were hypemen. I felt like they were doing what you were supposed to do.”

Troy goes on to add that no one would  have called established rappers from other regions hypemen for supporting young rappers out of their area. It was that lack of unity that he says was the problem with New York Hip Hop.

“They ain’t gonna call T.I. or Young Jeezy a hypeman if they get on whoever record coming up,” argues Troy. “That what’s wrong with New York Hip Hop, or what was wrong with it. That’s why I had to come through and restore the feeling.”

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Watch Troy Ave’s interview below.