Tumblr To Kanye: You Did Not Create Us, Kim K to Kanye: I'm Coming On Tour

Tumblr To Kanye: You Did Not Create Us, Kim K to Kanye: I’m Coming On Tour

(AllHipHop News)  “How can I be humbler/When I’m the cause of Tumblr”– Kanye West

Changing the opinion of a man openly tells you you can’t tell him nothing and he’s a god is close to impossible. However, Tumblr’s Music Evangelist, Nate Auerbach wants Kanye West to come back to reality for a second.

Last week, West’s long time stylist, Ibn Jasper quoted the arrogant lyricist on his Instagram account during West’s performance at an afterparty for the Met Gala event in New York City. In an interview with Soundctrl.com, Auerbach claims Kanye was not an inspiration for Tumblr’s creation, however does attest that the Chicago rapper had an indirect influence on the revolutionary microblogging site:

“How many rap lyrics do you take literally? Lil Wayne says he’s a Martian. Tumblr is influenced by our users and by the creators on our platform. It would probably be more accurate to say that Kanye’s fans have influenced Tumblr. One of my favorite tumblogs is All Yeezy Everything.”

Prior to Tumblr’s inception in February 2007, West’s personal website kanyewest.com featured a very similar layout including a continuous scroll and a streamlined design for posting picture sets.

Chances are that the father-to-be has more pressing matters to deal with than validating his influence. According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian is planning on accompanying Kanye on his upcoming tour in October and has made demands to have soundproof  hotel rooms and cribs at every tour date for the newborn child.

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