U-God Says Only Reason Southern Rappers Are Popping Is Because They’ll Sign Anything


(AllHipHop News) U-God recently spoke with Montreality about numerous topics including his childhood, upcoming projects, and his favorite cartoon character. Ultimately, the conversation turned to Trinidad James’ recent comments about the South running New York, and Universal God had a lot to say about it referring to Trinidad directly.

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“Trinidad James ain’t talking to me about that s**t,” said the Wu-Tang Clan member. “You better listen to my sh*t n***a.”

The life long NYC resident then goes on to share his view on why southern rappers have been so successful over the last several years. U God says it is because rappers from the south are more willingly to sign contracts that New Yorkers would not:

Only reason why n***as is popping, them down south n***as sign any g###### thing. New York dudes, the one time we was rocking, we don’t go for all that. We want our [publishing]. We want all our s**t. So that s**t traveled down south. So dudes started going down there with that bulls**t. But, I like the music personally. I ain’t getting caught up in what dudes be saying, but Trinidad James can knock it off with all that bulls**t. He ain’t saying nothing. N***a signed his life away. He getting 360 deals.

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Watch U-God’s full interview below and fast forward to 7:15 mark to hear his comments on Trinidad James and southern rappers.