Unheard Secret Recording Of Kanye West Ranting About Taylor Swift, Pink, and VMAs Hits The Net

Kanye Allegedly Caught On Tape Going Off On Taylor Swift, Pink, & MTV

(AllHipHop News) The day after MTV revealed the nominees for this year’s Video Music Awards, someone decided to remind the world about perhaps the most infamous moment in VMA history. Who can forget when Kanye West ran on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech in 2009?

Kanye had a lot to say that night live on television. Apparently, he didn’t get out everything he wanted to express, because Gawker got access to an audio recording allegedly of Kanye later that night still ranting about Taylor, Elvis, Pink, MTV, and Eminem.

He also makes a reference to his mother’s passing and his own chasing of fame.

The conversation is said to have been recorded at a West Village bistro the same evening of the awards show. There is no verification that voice on the tape is actually Kanye, but going by his past public rants it sounds very similar to the Chi-town rapper.

Listen to the conversation in the video below.