University of Georgia Withholding Fetty Wap’s $100,000 Performance Fee After Late Arrival


(AllHipHop News) Just weeks ago the rider for Ludacris’ University of Georgia performance leaked online as the DTP rapper’s long list of requested amenities drew concern from locals, the media and representatives from the school after the rider included condoms and alcohol.

As agreed, Ludacris performed for 13 min for roughly 92,000 people and earned $65,000.

Now the University of Georgia is again embattled in controversy with a rapper after students were disappointed in Fetty Wap’s delayed arrival for a $100,000 show.

As such, the university is withholding Fetty’s cash according to a University of Georgia spokesman.

According to reports in OnlineAthens, a school publication, the University of Georgia agreed to pay the rapper $100,000 for a show that was to start at 8:45 PM, but Fetty Wap didn’t appear on stage until 10 PM.

“We had concerns with the brevity,” UGA Director of Student Affairs Communications Stan Jackson said about the performance that was less than an hour.

Based on reports, UGA honored Fetty’s rider which was not nearly as extensive as Ludacris’.

No word from Fetty Wap’s camp on this one, but the University is expecting to reach some sort of agreement less than the original $100,000 amount.

Check out the rider Fetty demanded for his 100k show below:

  • Salmon – grilled or broiled (well done)

  • One hundred chicken wings (variety of sauces)

  • Fifty pieces of grilled or fried shrimp

  • Popeye brand chicken (assorted pieces of 6)

  • Two pizzas (plain)

  • Two pizzas (pepperoni)

  • One bag of Doritos

  • Six protein Balance bars

  • Dessert platter including banana pudding and carrot cake

  • Assorted fruit platter

  • Variety of cold beverages — water, soda, iced tea, Red Bull