Yeezus 2?: Rick Rubin Says Kanye May Release Another Yeezus Album

Yeezus 2?: Rick Rubin Says Kanye May Release Another Yeezus Album

“My first credit was ‘Reduced by Rick Rubin'”

(AllHipHop News) Whether you  love or hate Kanye West’s new #1 album Yeezus you may be getting a sequel according to legendary producer Rick Rubin.

In an interview with The Daily Beast Rubin explained how he helped narrow down “three and a half hours of works in progress” to the 10 song Yeezus album, hinting that the leftovers could become its sequel:

Initially, he thought there were going to be 16 songs on the album. But that first day, before he even asked me to work on it, I said, ‘Maybe you should make it more concise. Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half.’ That was one of the first breakthroughs. Kanye was like, ‘That’s what I came here today to hear! It could be 10 songs!’

If Kanye decides to release Yeezus‘ sequel this year it would not be the first time this year that a major artist split a large collection of songs into two albums. Justin Timberlake announced that  he will release his 20/20 Experience sequel on September 30th, 6 months after the 1st volume.

Read the entire interview where Rubin speaks on laughing at 16 year old LL Cool J, almost signing NWA and more here.

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