A New You 80 Bites At A Time


Fresh out of the holiday season, for millions of Americans the start of a new year brings about a sense of renewal. Though even claims of a “New year, new you” cannot turn January 1st into a magical reset button; with most resolutions dying well before its time to pull out the chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

By mid February, freshly bought gym memberships are already collecting dust; and those pounds gained during Christmas have already become second nature.

Yet as it pertains to your health, this is one promise to yourself worth keeping.

With many nations around the world battling against a lack of food, America uniquely stands apart for battling against obesity; an epidemic that has flourished in a society where Supersizing boxes of chicken nuggets has become an acceptable way of life.

Check out this video on how to change your eating habits:

Even more disturbing is the fact that minorities stand at the greatest risk for heart disease, stroke, and Diabetes.

The same food that is celebrated within our culture is also helping to contribute to our demise.

One only needs to watch “Soul Food”for a reminder. Big Mama’s foot amputation due to Diabetes is a chilling reality that many families within our community have personally faced.

Though the consequences of poor health and obesity can indeed be serious, its this same fear that pushes people into trying useless diet fads and buying gym memberships that go unused when the pounds don’t drop as quickly as we’d like.

We buy flavorless rice cakes and hope a juice diet can help us fit into a swim suit that won’t get worn till May.

It’s this feeling of helplessness that causes so many to simply give up on fitness; and 95% of people regain weight lost using these methods.

Sounds hopeless doesn’t it? It’s not though.

Consider this. Your health and fitness extends far past any “lose quick” diet schemes. Often it’s not what you eat, but the portion and frequency.

In short, there is no “easy button” to losing weight; but one can live comfortably without giving up every food that makes your soul sing. Eating healthy can be as simple as eating less.

Start small now in order to lose big later.