Big Boy & “Exit Strategy” Cast Members Discuss New Un-Romantic Comedy


On March 9, nationally-syndicated radio personality Big Boy will release a new movie called Exit Strategy, which has been described as an “un-romantic comedy.” Not only does he serve as the film’s executive producer, Big Boy also makes an appearance in the movie, which stars fellow comedians Kevin Hart and Q-Deezy Harris, along with newcomers Kimelia Weathers and Jameel Saleem.

Big Boy invited out to the movie premiere on February 28 and then had us come out to Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, to discuss the new movie. We also caught up with the two main characters of the movie, Kimelia Weathers and Jameel Saleem, for a little fun as well. After the interviews, read a review of the movie by our own Jon Garcia.’s Review of “Exit Strategy”

In a movie industry pulsating with more and more predictable romantic comedies, Exit Strategy rejects all stereotypes- dubbing itself “An Un-Romantic comedy”. The protagonist James (Jameel Saleem) is evicted from his home and is forced to live with his girlfriend, Kim (Kimelia Weathers). Almost instantly, he realizes she is not the one for him. Faced with a dilemma, James decides to devise a plan to break up with Kim, but still live in her house and sleep on her couch.

The film boasts an array of characters with differing personalities that each work cohesively to bring a wide variety of flavors to the film as a whole. James is a lovable character who is just trying to figure it all out, and Kim is, quite simply, crazy. James has two best friends: Carville and Leona. Carville is played by QDeezy, the always entertaining radio host. He brings an awkward humor to the film. The second is played by Noelle Balfour, a seasoned actress. Leona attempts to be a voice of reason throughout the film, while adding quick jabs to the guy’s wall of testosterone.

Executive producer of the film, Big Boy of Power 106 makes an appearance, as James is a fan of the radio show. Another cameo is made by comedian Kevin Hart, number one on MTV’s “Hottest Comedian in the Game” list. Playing a creepy and temperamental man who inquires about a mannequin head in the store where James and his friends work, Hart provides his own interesting brand of relationship advice. Watch out for bacon.

One of the most impressive aspects of the film is the lack of stereotypes and clichés it has, especially given the two lead roles are played by African-Americans and the tired subject is a romantic comedy. It seems any comedic film that stars Black actors attempts to become the next Friday. Here, the characters could have been played by anyone; race is hardly ever part of the jokes. The script – which was also written by Saleem – is hilarious, but more importantly, relate-able. The plot itself may be a bit far-fetched, but the actions are not. Whether it’s being grossed out by crusty feet, annoyed by chore work, or scared of a crazy female, the problems here are something to relate to. And taking the very low budget into consideration, the entire team did an excellent job.

If there’s one complaint about the film, it’s the lull it hits right in the middle. But ultimately, the film is entertaining, so go see this with a couple of friends for some laughs. Surely, one of them has had a crazy girlfriend or two.