Can 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1' Live Up to It's Own Soundtrack's Hype?


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits theaters this weekend and is likely to be the box office’s biggest seller as the official trailer has over 17 million views online already. But how will Mockingjay Part 1 stack up against the other movies in the series? How will audiences receive the movie compared to the book? So far the soundtrack has been one of the hottest albums online for weeks as artists seemed to clamor for the opportunity to be on the soundtrack.

It should be noted that this soundtrack for the movie has been just as widely reviewed as the movie itself.   The soundtrack has a heavy hitting lineup featuring Kanye West, Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, HAIM, Major Lazer, Ariana Grande, Raury, Tinashe, Miguel and many more.

Let’s get it right, this movie will be a smash hit this holiday season further asserting Jennifer Lawrence’s abilities as a dynamic actress capable of tackling a range of emotions and moods. But, Mockingjay also gives other characters like, Elizabeth Banks (Effie), Jeffrey Wright (Beete) and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman time to shine as well. While Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland also play noticeable roles adding texture to an already dynamic cast.

As a whole this is a great movie almost simply for the plot, that should empower viewers to voice their opinion and take part in the role of the government and their organizations. This movie really shows how far a dictator or leader could go in a fictitious world, or real world to control the power. Its amazing what one person can do when they control all the power and subjects the citizens to their rule by fear.

Katniss is in a game of chess with President Rose and this movie gives you a front and center view of the civil war that is taking place in the movie.  There are a lot of parallels that you can draw to real life civil war and the tactics that villainous leaders choose to implement by controlling with fear and weaponry.

Similar to in the movie, younger viewers will likely want to go out and get a bow and arrow to start their own revolution – it is inspiring if you believe in that sort of thing.  Its got suspense, love, triumph, tragedy and action for the older crowd, but it also has a lot of “I’m going crazy” moments as Jennifer Lawrence’s character is recovering from the shock of the second Hunger Games and the love lost with Peeta who is in captivity at the Capitol.

It builds on the previous movies nicely making it a solid bridge to the next movie, Part 2, which is currently in post production and due out next November. All audiences will find the battle of good and evil captivating as you find yourself despising white roses and the very establishment that is the Capitol and President Rose, similar to the white armored republic commando army in Star Wars.

While this movie does tackle ethical issues and the common battle between good and evil often found in movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight and Avatar, there are some cheesy moments in the movie, like when Prim goes back to get her cat amidst a bombing? C’mon son…  BUT, the film is clearly designed for a wide range of audiences, so its to be expected that there will be moments tailored for younger audiences.  Remember its PG-13 so basically 8 year olds will probably get to see this, so I’m not totally mad they decided to tone it down a bit in some scenes.

Check the trailer and listen to some of the soundtrack below, Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters Friday (Nov. 21st).  Def go out to see it and comment below! Let the odds be with you!