FEEL RICH TIP OF THE WEEK: Dance, Dance, Dance…


Editor’s Note: “Feel Rich” is our partnership with QD3, the talented son of music legend Quincy Jones. “Feel Rich” is all about creating a healthy lifestyle for Hip-Hop culture – both the artists and the fans. Enjoy!

She’s cute. She’s digging your style. The music’s playing. She asks “Wanna dance?”
However, if you’ve got more than one left foot, this can be a problem. Most guys will say, “I don’t dance.”  Of course. You came to the club because you don’t dance. Thus, you let the moment slip away. No need for that. 
Truth is, you don’t have to be Michael Jackson to rock her world.

However, you should be in shape. And dancing itself is, maybe, the most fun way to do it. Dancing involves so much movement, it will have your heart drumming, your blood flowing, and your body rocking. It will also get you girls’ phone numbers. But wait, wait, wait. How can you get in shape while dancing without embarrassing yourself? No problem.

There are at least seven, super easy moves you can learn that will actually make you look like a great dancer. You’ll not only look better and get a good workout, but also tear up the dance floor and impress the ladies. Hey, wallflowers have to bloom sometime. Let’s do this!

Happy Feet

The Happy Feet is the cool footwork move often used by Jason Derulo when he’s getting down. The magic of this move is that at first it may feel weird. However, when you get the hang of it, it will shock you how easy it is. (No offense, Jason Derulo.)  After a while, your legs will start to feel a burn, but don’t be selfish. Think of how the dance floor feels! If that’s too cheesy for you, think of how strong your legs will get. It will improve your strength and coordination on all walks of life, even during sports.

Melbourne Shuffle

“Everyday I’m shuffling.” By now, everyone should have seen LMFAO’s video for “Party Rocker Anthem,” where the whole world breaks down shuffling. Looks cool, doesn’t it? It’s easy. Still, if you do this enough, your heart will be pumping, and you’ll develop good stamina. It’s like jogging in place. Only, a little more contagious.


This is a very cool breakdance move that, although it looks fancy, is actually simple if you can keep up with it. You won’t have to go 80 mph to look good either. Learn the basic steps, and anyone can nail it. It’ll not only improve balance, but also make you work up a sweat, and get your entire body involved. Just start down-rocking and suddenly…”Oh, my God! That guy can dance!”

MC Hammer Dance

If you can learn any MC Hammer move, you’ll be sweating your veins out. From the running man to his fancy footwork, the man had some beastly energy! But for beginners, his easiest move (that still requires a test of balance) is his spin move. Sprinkle a few of these in the middle of your groove, and you’ll look hella good.

The Worm

Don’t try this on the Rocky Mountains. Anywhere else, go for it! Drop down on the floor and start worming. It’s pretty easy to learn, and it will seriously get your body going. On top of that, the crowd will love it. Your girl will be pretty intrigued. Heck, most guys will only do the “worm” after a shot of Tequila. Stay thirsty, my friends.

Roger Rabbit

Honestly, it’s hard to look sexy while doing the Roger Rabbit. However, if you keep a sense of humor, it would be impossible for everyone NOT to have a good time. Girls would definitely think you’re a cool guy, and the great part is – it’s pretty easy.  Nonetheless, you’ll get some good cardio out of it.

Walk It Out

Ultra simple (anyone can do it), very energetic, and still rather cool. Popularized by DJ Unk, this dance is a killer at any party, and it’s not hard at all. However, the Walk It Out will still make you work it out, if you do it long enough. Believe it.

 Last but not least… Snap your fingers and groove! 

Just sway to the music, and snap to the beat! Keep your heart moving. Have a good time. That’s all it takes to satisfy a girl, and it’s a great start to getting in shape. Dance to have fun, and don’t be shy. Just move! And if you have no rhythm…move a little less at the beginning. And if you have so little rhythm that even your heartbeat gets confused, just practice before going out. Trust me, you ‘ll get it. Just keep dancing. You’ll soon start losing weight and developing muscle. And when the time comes to get on the dance floor, you’ll have a great time, and the ladies won’t be able to keep their eyes off you.
 Good luck!

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