First Democratic Female Presidential Candidate and a Great Victory for Human Rights, Civil Rights and A Luta Continua


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To their great credit both Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton ran campaigns of respect, high ideals, vision and good manners. If you don’t recall how civil they were – go run the films from the Republican side for that combo meal of carnage and clown show brought to you by the barbarism of Donald  Trump.

Wow – Finally a female is the Democratic Party candidate for president of these United States.

Wynne AlexanderBy: Wynne Alexander
Political Director,
Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Muhammed Ali and Coretta Scott King. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.

But there is more happiness. There is jubilation because on the same night, I’ve lived to see the fabulous multicultural embrace of goodness, brought to you by Bernie Sanders.

These two circumstances coupled together, shining on the same night – it’s like the first moon landing. It is a measure of our Future.

The amount of respect and support that Bernie Sanders garnered from so many young people who do not look like him, brings the United States of America to a new plateau in our collective history.

The ‘Sanders Embrace’ is as precedent-setting as the Obama election, when a Black man finally triumphed at the presidential level. The Rumsfeld-Cheney-Bush betrayal was so devastating and so harmful to the United States that hundreds of thousands of racist white people who NEVER would have voted for a Black man, were forced to cast their vote for Obama.

And America reached a new plateau of social enlightenment.

The Sanders Embrace is the other side of the very same coin.

It’s enormous in importance. Young people are not voting their color but are voting their actual interests. Women are not voting their gender. They were not locked up for Hilary. Black leadership was all for Hilary, yet young people of color from coast to coast said, “Wait a minute. Bernie’s making too much sense. We’re with Bernie.” Young people – Black, brown and white, of all gender persuasions listened, analyzed and went with Bernie. This movement toward substance, consistent effort and the genuine is a phenomenal milestone in the country’s history. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Bernie Unity.

Who would ever have thought that so many young people of every race, creed and color would get the message of brains, integrity and unity just as Trump is trying to divide and conquer. Trying to send the country backward to its worst days of racism, fear and blatant bigotry.

Bernie’s supporters did not let preconceived notions or appearances stop their intelligence. Bernie Sanders does not look like them and that did not matter. A 74-year old Jewish man became the beneficiary of the Under-40 Folk’s brains, heart and as a result, he was able to force Hillary to run a better, more relevant and more informed campaign. Bernie’s Army served notice the American people are sick and tired of self-serving politics. The Future America will hold everyone accountable from the pesticide laden dinner table, to the mean streets of privatized prisons filled with Black men, to Big Oil’s grip on climate lies and pollution from sea to shining sea – they’re not gonna take it anymore. They’re doing all the required reading, taking all the names and they will have a government that does its job for the People.

The Sanders Embrace and enlightened supporters are wildly needed right now. To her credit, Hillary said Bernie ran ‘an extraordinary campaign.’  Hilary got it right again when she said the questions and issues Bernie raised made for a better race.

Trump is a temporarily powerful dunce. He is only powerful because his simple answers appeal to other dunces. His campaign is shining an x-ray spotlight on just how many fellow Americans in this country are actually incredibly stupid and gullible. They are also small and afraid.  They are his base, God help us. But we must help them.  We must get the right lollipops, pacifiers and easy lines to feed them. They are political babies and the biggest, nastiest, most spoiled baby in politics is their leader.

Trumpy Boy Blue                           

Hilary needs to be a woman for all times.

With Bernie’s help she will. Her greatest concept and strength was summed up in one line when she said, “Bridges are better than walls.”

This is a telling, challenging time. Donald Trump’s complete lack of professional substance, utter inability to repeat the same lie twice, hate-baiting disrespect for minorities and women, his constant bragging and pathological pretending that he’s  talented is as scary as we’ve seen in a long time. Lucky for us, we live in America and Americans can’t stand phonies and hypocrites.

And Trumpy Boy Blue is quite guilty on all counts.  

But Bernie’s swinging for the fences and speaks for the ages.

“The struggle continues.”  He said it twice.

That phrase is from the one of the greatest Black liberation fights of all time. Many will recognize the Portuguese original: A luta continua – fresh from the history of Mozambique and the charge led by Samora Machel’s FRELIMO Independence Movement to get that African country and its riches back from Portugal’s colonial rulers.

You go Bernie.

He’s got his own liberation movement well underway and the plan calls for action beyond November’s election. If the White House is no longer the seat of progress, then genuine innovation will come from the stands. Hilary will be inside the White House and real change will be guided by the People outside.