ALLHIPHOP REVIEW: ‘Hitman: Agent 47’


Photo Credit: YouTube

Hitman: Agent 47, which hits theaters on Friday (August 21), successfully challenges Hollywood’s notion of the damsel in distress. Katia (Hannah Ware), who was leading a dull and detached existence, discovers herself at the center of a forced plot which hinges on helping the Syndicate. This covert organization is determined to manufacture a legion of unstoppable hitmen.

The genetically-enhanced killing machine, Agent 47 (Rupert Friend), that embodies the lethal dexterity of the Syndicate, decides to defy his organization and assist Katia. Is he truly helping Katia escape an evil entity or  is he twistedly steering her towards an ultimate destruction?

Katia’s dramatic evolution involves both poignant self-reflection and assertive growth. This action-packed summer thriller effortlessly blends bold Sci-Fi concepts with contemporary chicness. Cunning in its ability to safeguard verisimilitude, the audience will enjoy this relentless ride through the human condition. After a series of unstoppable events, a quasi-camaraderie is formed between Katia and 47.

Finding her voice an affirmed Katia claims, “If you lie to me I’ll kill you,” the bar-coded and unmoved 47 replies  with, “I’m not that easy to kill.” Eventually the focused agent unequivocally reveals, “I always close my contracts.” To find out what happens to Katia and Agen 47 check out the film as it will be available in theaters nationwide on Friday.