I Don’t Camouflage: New Hip-Hop Series With Sadax X, AHH’s Jigsaw and More


“I Don’t Camouflage but I wear camouflage!” – Sadat X of Brand Nubian

Hip-Hop has traditionally prided itself on sticking out, but as of late, as the culture assimilates, that art becomes harder to put to canvas. Standing out in a crowd seemingly becomes synonymous with conformity, if that makes any sense.

Then there are those that push the envelope in other ways: fashion, culture, technology, music, and life. These are the ones that refuse to blend in and who set the barometer. This mark knows no age, genre, gender, or background. It’s universal.

“I Don’t Camouflage” is a new series from cultural rebel Aiko Tanyaka, a native of Japan now residing in Brooklyn, and she’s putting her own spin on nonconformity. The series has started with Sadat X,

Sadat X of Brand Nubian

Sadax X has worn lots of camo, but he still managed to stand out as one of the vocalists in the legendary rap collective, Brand Nubian. He speaks on the concept and what it means to him as he departs on a tour of Japan:

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur of AllHipHop.com

AllHipHop’s leader-in-chief speaks about this come-up of one of Hip-Hop’s enduring brands. He also reveals parts of his life that have never been discussed anywhere else:

Rapper J-Lie

J-Lie says, “Do I look like I camouflage? Probably to a graffiti wall.” The young rapper explains his version of not camouflaging by talking as he gets the remainder of his body tatted up.