Jay Pharoah’s Best Friend Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner Helps YOU Get Out Of The Friend Zone!


(AllHipHop Lifestyle) Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner has been quietly behind the scenes helping make people laugh for years. Just in time for the holiday season, the creative entrepreneur has dropped his first book, “The Friend Zone Playbook.” The new author breaks down how to avoid the dreaded friend zone, which is often hard to get out.  J-Rod takes it a step farther: he teaches how to avoid being placed inside of the zone, and even how to use the zone advantageously and more. The first-hand testimonials in “The Friend Zone Playbook” set this work of art itself apart from your average relationship book.

Hailing from Virginia, Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner is a celebrated  celebrity in the Hampton Roads area and was a VJ for many years WNSB’s Hot 91.1 radio at Norfolk State University. For more, go to facebook.com/janthonytanner and also read below for AllHipHop’s chat with this emerging multi-talent.

AllHipHop: What has the initial response been?

The feedback has been great! Because the book is so easy to read and it’s REAL information that they can use today, people have seem to gravitate to the content.

Who is the target market?

Honestly, I am looking to reach the person that is tired of settling with someone that they really don’t want. People don’t know how to get the attention of the person that they wish they were with. That’s the person that I want to read this book.

Do you feel like a relationship expert now?

I’m a PEOPLE expert. I want people to become the expert on THEIR relationships.

If you had one single bit of advice to give somebody trying to get out of the friend zone what would you offer?

First, make sure that you REALLY want to get out of the friend zone with that person. Every party that’s turnt ain’t LIT! Then be yourself while showing the person you’re interested in, the things that they want out of a person. Finally, be consistent!

Talk about your relationship with Jay Pharaoh?

Jay is my best friend and we’ve been working together since our days on radio back in VA. I stayed at his place for 3 weeks and wrote the entire book there. While he was at SNL, I was working away in silence. It’s great to have a friend who is not only successful but supportive. Shows you where you can go and how to act when you get there!

Any final words?

This is my first book. I’ve done music, radio, TV, hosting, comedy writing and many other things but this is the first project that I know without a shadow of a doubt will help people! Not only did I write the book but I also produced an interview series and directed a few comedy sketches that can all be found on my website www.playbookzone.com. I’m trying to help the Bae-less out there!

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