LSTN4 Music Conference To Put Detroit Hip Hop Back On The Map


The LSTN4 Music Conference is one of the most beneficial music conferences for unsigned artists, songwriters, producers and independent labels in Michigan. LSTN4 brings a new innovative approach to providing emerging talent the ultimate opportunity to make major career changing moves! The conference is giving attendees the chance to get signed by a major label, an opportunity to work with platinum selling producers or get in the studio with Def Jam’s dope artist Lil Durk. Lstn4 Music Competition & Conference will take place at the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, MI November 8th and November 9th, 2014.


LSTN4 has partnered with some of the biggest names in the music industry to build the ultimate music conference and competition. LSTN4 gives you 3 chances to win! A trip to Chicago to get in the studio and make a hit track with Def Jam’s hot hip hop artist Lil Durk, be blessed with a platinum track from star producer Amadeus, credits include Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole and/or the ultimate chance to be signed to a major label deal. The conference has hand picked 8 of the most prominent and influential music industry insiders searching for independent artists, producers, and songwriters. Grammy winning executives, platinum hit making producers and major label a&r’s are waiting to find the next star!


Major movers and shakers who have worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Asap Rocky, Big Sean, Young Jeezy and a host of other stars in the game! Major record labels from the likes of Atlantic Records, Epic Records, Sony Records, Maybach Music Group, Young Money/Cash Money, Universal Music Group, and Roc Nation will be represented to scout local and independent artists, songwriters and producers.

We caught up with Dot and Juice for a Q&A about the conference. Check out the Q&A below.

1. What motivated you to start the conference here?

We wanted to bring the industry to our home town and shed some light on the talent here that often goes unnoticed.

2. Why did you involve a Chicago artist and not a local Detroit artist?

We’re fans of the Chicago music movement for sure. Although, We chose to work with Lil Durk because of his musical talent and heavy social media influence/ popularity

3. What do you want to see happen/getting out of doing a music conference?

Ideally, we would want Lstn4 to become a premier platform for artists who are blessed with musical talents but aren’t afforded the opportunity to be heard.

4. How do you feel about today’s music in today’s society?

Juice: I believe that alot of artist lack integrity and are not held accountable for the product they produce. Music has become heavily influenced by gimmicks. By searching for hungry artist that are true to their craft we hope to shift the direction in which music is headed.

Dot: Honestly, I embrace the new indie, all in house movement in music today. Although, I think originality is lacking and at times I feel that current music is too often gimmick driven. For instance, I rocks with Dej Loaf and her sound. I hate that I’ve heard way too many artists trying to replicate it. Signed and Unsigned.

5. What separates you from your competition/other music conferences?

It’s pretty evident. We present legit opportunities and incentives. Features from dope artists, track giveaways from heavy hitter producers, and the opportunity to be heard by industry insiders from top notch labels. Every talent who submits music is guaranteed a genuine listen.

6. How do you feel about music labels?

Major Labels are being forced to evolve. They still can be the industry workhorse behind an artist but with the emergence of social media, digital distribution and independent touring, artists have taken back a good chunk of control within the industry and this creates a huge opportunity for artists to usher in a regime.

7. How do you feel about the importance of social media?

Social media has become an essential tool for artists, fans, and labels to directly interact with one another.

8. What impact will your event have on the city and what impact are you trying to make on the city?
We are hoping that Lstn4 will continue to build unity amongst Detroit artists and show the world we are a factor in today’s music scene.

9. What is your connection to music?

Dot: I’ve always had a passion for production and songwriting. I had the opportunity to work with a wide range of artists. Signed and unsigned. Domestic and international. As I grew within the industry I noticed my true calling was behind the scenes on the business side of things.

Juice: I have had a love for music all my life. Growing up i began writing a lot and as I grew older I began doing my own mix cds. I was a deejay for about 5 years and built a respectable name for myself in the city. Now I enjoy looking for new talent to listen to and now with lstn4 I can give the next great artist the opportunity to be heard.