Marvel Continues Heroic Diversity With “Luke Cage”

Netflix and Marvel unveil a first glimpse of Harlem, NYC based superhero Luke Cage and his aptly named series, “Marvel’s Luke Cage.”

In a refreshingly inclusive mandate to focus on promoting a significantly more diverse pool of new modern heroes, Netflix and Marvel put together their first ever joint panel at San Diego Comic Con to promote the upcoming Netflix television series “Luke Cage.”

Luke Cage, who is played by Mike Colter was first seen on the Netflix Marvel series “Jessica Jones” as Jessica’s sometime love interest and fellow fighter of crime. Cage, who is an original Marvel Comics character, is a former convict both blessed and cursed with the unusual combination of superhuman strength paired with unbreakable skin.

“Luke Cage” which is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Netflix at 12:01 AM on September 30, 2016, is the third show in the Netflix “Defenders” series following previous Marvel series releases “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” and the yet to be released “Iron Fist” series.

The Comic Con panel, which took place on Thursday night, July 21, 2016, included the impressive cast of Colter, Alfre Woodard, Mahershala Ali, Theo Rossi, Simone Missick, Frank Whaley and showrunner and Executive Producer, Cheo Hodari Coker.

The premise of Netflix’s “Luke Cage” hinges on Cage as a fugitive trying to lay low and rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York after having contracted his unusual powers due to a botched experiment.  As is the case in any great heroic drama, naturally events conspire to pull Cage out of the shadows to fight for the soul of his city.

See the San Diego Comic Con Sizzle Reel showcasing “Jessica Jones,” “Daredevil,” and a first look at “Luke Cage” below.  As glimpsed here, “Luke Cage” just might promise something that Hip Hop fans can get excited about.