New Movement Merges Culinary Delights With Activism


(AllHipHop Lifestyle) A new movement will meld food, activism and good times in the name of prison abolition.

The prison abolition movement looks to cease prison systems completely and move or substitute them with other systems rooted in humane rehabilitation.

Culinary 4 Commissary (Restorative/Eco Justice & Prison Abolition Dinners) takes a completely new, innovative approach to it all this movement with a distinct merger of food and activism.

Russ Shoatz, chef and event organizer, offered the thought behind the holistic event that happens Saturday April 1, 2017 in Harlem’s All Souls Church. Shoatz delighted in the prospect of being the intersection of many different worlds at Culinary 4 Commissary.

“Restorative/Eco Justice & Prison Abolition Dinners with a mix of artists, sports personalities and activists. We will have some of the best chefs along with other artist/activist talking about current issues their intersections and the strategic use of those intersections in ways that redeem or help people become whole again,” Shoatz said.

Shoatz also stated that the inaugural Restorative/Eco Justice & Prison Abolition Dinner would please vegetarians, vegans and carnivores as well.

“We will have huge buffet to satisfy vegans and meat eaters,” he said laughing. “We want people to eat freely from the time they walk in the door until we serve dessert. We’ll even have a vegan & gluten-free menu option.”

However, the theme of the evening will call for folks to speak on the unique connection that people have to food.

“Attendees will get to hear the stories of food at home as a child and the connections to comfort. We will draw together the intersections of our current ecosystem and food sustainability questions along with the intersection of prisoner health and food,” Shoatz said. “Yes, we will have some prisoners favorites.”

Those that don’t realize, prison food has developed considerably over the years. Prodigy of Mobb Deep even wrote an entire of book called Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook.

“From visiting room micro-waved hot wings to Chi Chi’s to Prison Chinese food, we will have the ‘Last meal of a Death Row’ inmate and other strategies employed in order to raise awareness while keeping us focused as we enjoy the buffet,” Shoatz said.

The event will also include a support area for those that need emotional aid.

The UK’s own Dj Jennifly will provide the sounds for the evening. AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur, activist/author Asha Bandele and Blu Magazine’s Issac Sorensen will play host at Culinary 4 Commissary.

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