PAULYTICS: Comedian Pauly Shore Kicks Off His 2012 Election Analysis for!

Pauly Shore


Four score and seven years ago, well, we’re not really sure what happened. But we are pretty certain that that’s when this whole political mumbo jumbo got started.

Flash forward to now, and has been looking for just the right pundit to help us break down the happenings during the final weeks of the 2012 Election.

Argh! With all this talk about the economy, immigration, taxes, Obamacare, blah blah blah, it can get a little stuffy and boring. That is, unless you poke endless, mindless fun at the next leader of the free world and his soon-to-be loser opponent.

So, our political analyst needed to possess just the right amount of Hip-Hop battle swag, a quick witted tongue for dissing dumbness, and an “I’m not tripping on any of this sh*t” persona.

Our answer in the times that matter? PAULY SHORE.

Wait. Whaaaatttt?? Just watch our first installment of “Paulytics.” Ummm. Dude’s a nut.

BONUS: With bombs over Baghdad (or somewhere close by), President Obama kicked some Taliban tail. Below, watch Pauly Shore’s unique take on one of the top news stories of the past year!

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