Joe Frazier: Smokin Joe and Hip-Hop


Boxing legend “Smokin” Joe Frazier is in serious condition in a Philadelphia, Pa hospital, battling liver cancer.

The boxing legend’s handlers confirmed the news yesterday (November 5), after questions about his health began to spread in the media.

As of press time, reports of the 67-year-old Gold medalist’s death are premature.

Joe Frazier became a household name in the early 1970’s, after a series of bouts with Muhummad Ali.

Frazier was born on January 12, 1944 in South Carolina but moved to Philadelphia at the age of 15, where settled and made an enormous impact on the local community.

His life and the effects of the three fights with Muhammad Ali, including the famous “Thrilla In Manilla” are chronicled in the documentary of the same name.

Joe Frazier’ professional record was 37-4.

His name has been immortalized in several Hip-Hop songs, including Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Your Neck,” Style P.’s “Blow Your Mind,” and Jimmy Spicer’s “Adventures of Super Rhyme.”