Tony Gaskins "Step Into Greatness"

Listen To This Message From Tony Gaskins “Step Into Greatness”

One of America’s most sought-after speakers, Tony A. Gaskins, Jr. is delivering on his mantra of “as we live, we should teach” with a new album set to inspire this generation for Greatness.  “I wanted to create a message to combat all the negative messages we receive from a lot of the music in pop culture. I want to speak truth to power and effect change in our society,” says Gaskins.

The album features seven tracks, each with its own unique missive. “Step Into Greatness” challenges you to utilize every gift you possess before they expire while “Eagles and Turkeys” forces you to choose sides between being great and being average. “Overcome” pushes you over the hump in your life while “The Climb” is an anthem of perseverance. “They Fear Me” and “War Against Self” are conscious tracks that challenge the status quo and the recently released title track is self-explanatory.

For musical accompaniment, Gaskins worked with fellow Floridians The Colleagues, a production duo that has created music for acts like Plies, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane and more.