Los Angeles D.A. Scraps 2 Supposed Sexual Assaults Against Bill Cosby


Acclaimed comedian and educational advocate, Bill Cosby, recently received some good news. Yesterday (Jan. 6), citing “insufficient evidence” and a lapsed “statute of limitations,” The L.A. County District Attorney has rejected two cases of alleged sexual assault that Mr. Cosby was facing, this according to TMZ.  These allegations focused on a supposed incident that transpired back in 1965 with a then 17 year old, with the other professed incident taking place at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

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Due to inconsistent versions of the story from the alleged victim, the D.A.’s office chose not to pursue charges stemming from the supposed episode that happened in 1965. Originally, that supposed victim stated that she was 18 at the time of the assault. Later she would go on to insist that she was actually 17.

Chloe Goins, the woman at the center the ’08  of the Playboy Mansion allegation, claims she awoke in a bedroom with a moist bosom. She contends that while Cosby was situated at the foot of the bed, he was masturbating while simultaneously biting her toe. The D.A. has conceded that toe-sucking hasn’t been characterized as enough to extend the statute of limitations. In addition to that, The Cosby Show patriarch supplied a solid alibi that proves he was out of town.

Given that Bill Cosby is already being tried in the court of public opinion, how will actual court proceedings work to impact his legacy?