What I Learned From The Trailer To “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Batman vs Superman Looks DOPE!

Over the weekend, the DC Comics Nation sent dropped an atomic bomb at San Diego Comic con with the release of the official trailer to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After watching it a couple thousand times, along with the millions of others, I have come to find a few things (along with the rest of the world). This is what I have concluded – check it out!

1) Yes, it looks as if it will be epic. Look at the trailer again.

2) Batman Will Be Brooding and Brooding and Brooding…

Batman has always been the darkest, acclaimed character DC has produced and “Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice” will be a broodfest. Check the pictures out.

“MF…I can brood!”

2.5) Robin is dead.

The Joker is around the corner. Believe that.


2.5) Superman Will Be Brooding Too

Even as Clark Kent…I’m moody!

3) Batman Will Kick A$$!

If you know comics, you know that Batman has the capability to beat Superman. How this will play out in BVS remains to be seen.



6) DC will again…delve into Batman’s origin…yesagain.

Batman’s tortured origin is as much of history as real history. Man, woman and child know he lost his parents as a boy, was consumed by it and become a vigilante because of it. Hopefully they don’t over do it.

7) There will be weird sh*t in there – #1.

This weird Lex Luther that is considerably younger than both Batman and Superman. AND he has a lot of hair, which will probably go bye-bye from hanging out with Kryponite so much. Also, what is with “the red capes are coming?” stuff? Are they just looking to be odd ball for the sake of being odd ball? For the record, that’s not always a bad thing.

8) There will be weird sh*t in there – #2.

Why is Batman in some sort of vintage get up fighting thugs with Superman’s “S” on it? Let me find out Supes got thugs on the payroll. Certainly this will get explained and yet…I don’t have any reference for it. Maybe these are the red capes…with no capes.

Okay, but what's going on here?

9) This will be one dark movie.

It looks REALLY dark.

Superman from the 80’s was a pretty happy dude. Historically, Batman wasn’t nearly as dark until Frank Miller got to him in the Dark Knight graphic novel series (he gets a brief look in the movie: seen below). This move looks to take a nod for Hollywood’s love for dystopia. Hey, I love those moves – no pushback here!

10) DC seeks to give Marvel a run, but I can’t help but think they are bat-winging it a little bit.

Certainly they are getting it together and “Batman vs Superman” looks stunning. However, many of us still remember “Dark Knight Rises,” where the Dark Knight seemingly was obliterated and broke. Zod pops up in the trailer too. Suddenly, Bruce Wayne just happens to be in Metropolis when Superman and General Zod destroy the city, killing thousands? He’s mad at Superman, knowing that Zod was the real reason for the mass destruction? Yes, he has personal reasons, but still… Then there’s a glimmer of a random Aqua Man looking fellow swimming. I don’t know, but it is a great conversation piece for us all to brood over over. After millions and millions of views, fanfare to match and DC (and Marvel) heads screaming victory…this movie is already a hit.

10.5) Batman gives no f## about this faux god alien of light.

Until 2016, we ponder.