Accused War Criminal Joseph Kony In Talks To Surrender


(AllHipHop News) Twenty-one months ago a short film titled Kony 2012 was uploaded to the internet and within days it went viral sparking the “Stop Kony” movement. Many young people across the globe became politically active for the first time after watching Invisible Children’s video depicting Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony as a violent tyrant that uses children as soldiers and sex slaves.

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The BBC is now reporting that the Ugandan warlord is in talks to surrender to the Central African Republic (CAR) government. Kony is allegedly asking that he be guaranteed security before surrendering. An African Union envoy reported to the United Nations Security Council that the LRA leader was suffering from a “serious, uncharacterized illness.”

In 2005 Kony was indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, but the self-proclaimed messenger from God refused to turn himself in. After being forced out of Uganda, Kony and the LRA were suspected of violent acts in the South Sudan and the CAR.

The Kony 2012 film (now at nearly 100 million views on YouTube) became the catalyst to an international campaign to capture Kony. After the video become a trending topic on Twitter the United States Senate passed a resolution condemning Kony’s acts as terrorism and the Obama administration offered a $5 million reward for the accused war criminal’s arrest. The U.S. had already committed troops to assist African nations search for Kony in 2011.

Watch Kony 2012 below.