AHH Stray News: Psychologist Condemns 6-Year-Old’s “Booty Pop” Vid, T.I. Has 86 Songs Ready, Jermaine Dupri Signs DJDJ Feng Shui


(AllHipHop News) Move over Young Mouse. A new video of a 6-year-old rapper flanked by scantily clad women, has gone viral. “Booty Pop” is a song by a 6-year-old rapper from South Florida, named “Albert.” The video features the child surrounded by buxom women, in a variety of settings. At the end of “Booty Pop,” Albert can be seen strolling into a bedroom with one of the women, before the video ends. “We’re seeing 10-year olds pregnant and six-year olds with eating disorders. I mean there’s no way these thoughts and phrases came from a six-year old’s mind,” she said. “Those things don’t come from natural instincts. Those come from messages they’re learning in the world,” Jessica Luitjohan, a child psychologist at Cardinal Glennon told St. Louis’ Channel 4 News. The video, which has over 1.5 million views, has been liked 4,739 times, while it has been disliked 30,782 times.

Atlanta rapper T.I. revealed some details about his upcoming eighth album, titled Trouble Man. The rapper made an appearance on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz TV show, where he offered up some insight on the album. “It’s me embracing my past and letting people know that has strengthened me and not weakened me.” According to T.I., he has recorded over 124 songs to choose from for Trouble Man. “I am proud to say I have narrowed it down to 86,” said the rap star. T.I. said he based his selection process on creativity, lyricism and production. “When you are trying to make classic music and you trying to make bodies of work for people to listen to for years and years to come and it not seem redundant and it not get old, you have to go through the trouble.” T.I. hopes Trouble Man will be in stores this year.

Super producer Jermaine Dupri is returning to a formula that has worked for the producer multiple times in his illustrious career – the signing of a young teen, the mogul says he will groom in to the next big artist. JD, who has broken acts like Kriss Kross, Bow Wow and Usher, has signed a new 13-year-old named DJ DJ Feng Shui to his So So Def imprint. “It was 10 years from the time I signed Kriss Kross ‘til I signed Bow Wow,” Jermaine Dupri said in a statement. “And exactly 10 years from the time I signed Bow, to DJ DJ.” DJDJ came to Jermaine Dupri’s attention after years of building his fan base in various southern venues. DJ, who started his rap career at the of 9, is promoting his latest single “Swag Hard.”