Andre 3000 Led Jimi Hendrix Movie Criticized By Rocker's Ex-Girlfriend

Jimi Hendrix Ex-Girlfriend Is Not Feeling His New Biopic

(AllHipHop News) Andre 3000 took on the biggest role of his career when he signed up to play Rock & Roll icon Jimi Hendrix. The biopic, titled All Is By My Side, covers the early days of Hendrix’s career, and one person who was with him before the fame is not happy about the way the film has captured that time in his life.

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Hendrix’s ex-girlfriend Kathy Etchingham takes issues with the casting of Andre as Jimi, the portrayal of her by Hayley Atwell, and with the choice of wardrobe used in the film. She tells the Sunday Express:

“Andre and Hayley Atwell are much older than Jimi and I were and it shows… I wrote them an email when I first heard about it saying if you want any help don’t hesitate to contact me. They didn’t reply… It’s got Austin Powers written all over it. I would not be seen dead in anything like that…

She also reveals to the publication that from her perspective there are other inaccuracies in the movie. One is the assertion that she and Hendrix spoke about the “class and racial politics of the sixties” which claims did not happen.

Etchingham also does not understand how the film can suggest that she, Hendrix, and model Linda Keith could be shown together when she claims that she has never spoken to Keith.

“A lot of people will go and see it who have never read any of the biographies and they will think it’s gospel truth,” said Etchingham. “I don’t want it to fundamentally change history.”

All Is By My Side was written and directed by John Ridley. It also stars Imogen Poots and Burn Gorman. Andre 3000 previously played in Four Brothers and Idlewild.

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