Boobe: From The Trap To The Clouds [Interview]

Learning the struggle & background of up & coming artists as important as learning about a Major Artist. Establishing if their heart is in the right place and/or if they are in the rap game as a quick meal ticket is important to know; allow me to introduce you to Boobe, CEO of OY Boys […]

Learning the struggle & background of up & coming artists as important as learning about a Major Artist. Establishing if their heart is in the right place and/or if they are in the rap game as a quick meal ticket is important to know; allow me to introduce you to Boobe, CEO of OY Boys Records. Invested 8 years to the Hip Hop scene, he felt it was important for DC to be on the map in a positive light within the Hip Hop Community. In an industry where friends come & go, Boobe’s support runs 10 years strong – they are in it together. Stepping out as a solo artist for the first time & finding success in his newest single, “Don’t Text Me,” in this interview you will learn that success is destined for this young man because his heart is in it for the right reasons; giving back. Were you born & raised in DC?

Boobe: I’m from Washington, DC – South east DC; born & raised later moved to outskirts in Maryland. What was it that lead you to thinking of becoming a rapper?

Boobe: I was 14, playing around & free-styling and I didn’t take it serious til I was 18 or 19. I used it to stay out of trouble, too be honest. I would it get the booth & it would be something positive going on and that I was doing. What was it like putting together your first project? Who contributed?

Boobe: The first project was called, “One way up.” I was in a group – Boobe & The Young Farmers & that was the name of our first project. My City had not been represented in the Hip Hop community so I felt as though I was the one that could make it happen so I chased that dream. I didn’t know that it was going to be 8-9 years later that it started paying off. So you guys started your own label?

Boobe: Yes, I’m the CEO & it’s called One Way Records but I had a problem with trade marking the One Way after like 3 years, so we changed it to OY Boys Records. We took the beginning of the O in One & the end of Way, the Y and made it OY Boys. It’s a quick little saying that we say at shows & the crowd will “OY” right back at us; it’s real fun & we like playing with it! Are the Young Farmers still around?

Boobe: The people on my label are people that I met like 10 years ago and it’s been cool every since – it’s like a Family. The Young Farmers are still around. I’m just doing my solo thing right now because I found that people like a solo act more than a group. Not to mention it’s a lot easier for me to travel with just me & one other person verses me and five other people.

But, my homie Mac Milli is doing something solo & I got an R&B act that is doing something solo – she’s doing her thing. I also got some Youngsters coming up that are putting something together. Right now I’m just waiting to kick the door in so that I can let all of them in. I’m not trying to rap forever so I have to make my mark for about 4-5 years. What additional projects were worked on along the way that contributed to where you are now?

Boobe: A lot of it was with the group & we did about 4 or 5 mix-tapes and albums. DJ Khaled hosted a mix-tape called “We Shittin On N*ggas”. DJ Funky, out in Atlanta, hosted a mix-tape, “The Streets Most Wanted Vol 1”. DJ Cee-Lo hosted “The Streets Most Wanted Vol 2”. Paul Wall hosted a mix-tape for us – I forgot the name of it because it was a while back but we’ve just been moving & putting in work. How did the putting together of “Don’t Text Me” come about?

Boobe: I put a call out to my homie, C#### Santana from Murder Inc, I got him to come down from New York to DC & he put the beat on & instantly I wrote the song real quick & I just knew right then that it was going to be a good single. Next thing you know, we put our money where our mouth was at and we were on the road meeting up with DJs, going back and forth to Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Chicago – we were just on the road pushing it & it worked. It’s paying off! What additional success are you currently seeing with the progression of “Don’t Text Me?”

Boobe: I’m getting a lot of paid shows, here at home, in the Carolinas, Virginia & getting requests for features. The radio play – I’m getting a lot of love there and it’s just a beautiful thing. Of course I am getting some criticism but it comes with the territory and I just let it motivate me. I’m actually in the studio every day & I believe I have songs bigger than “Don’t Text Me”. Will this song be featured on your next album?

Boobe: “Don’t Text Me” is on the Gangsta Grillz & can be found on my website ( I’m working on my album now but I don’t have a title for it just yet – I’m trying to get my catalog up right now. What is the fan base like for you in DC?

Boobe: Actually its beautiful. DC is known for a lot of hate & lack of support but honestly, I don’t see it – we get a lot of love. My single, “Don’t Text Me” is doing really good right now throughout the Nation & I’m getting a lot of love. It was on 106 & Park – it seems like the stars are lining up together. You mentioned 106 & Park – what other things have come your way with this record?

Boobe: I’ve got a Gansta Grillz mix-tape with DJ Drama called “Boobe Trap” – “Don’t Text Me” can be found on there. I also got a mix-tape with DJ Cannon. I’ve been networking with Raheem Devaugh, Paul Wall, Scarface, Lloyd – I’ve worked with a few people. I haven’t been too big on features lately though, I’ve been trying to do me & have people hear what I have to put out. I don’t want any features to take over the record & take from the Artist. What’s next for you?

Boobe: Either get in a situation (sign to a label) or blow up independently. No matter what I accomplish, I always feel that I can do a lot more. I’m just trying to get my name out there and brand the company; staying hungry & staying focused. I want to open up the doors for other Artists coming out of my City. I feel as though I am in a position to where I could be a Master P or a Puff, coming out of DC. I’m surrounded by a lot of talent and a lot of people look up to me & I know once I get my shine & get in the industry like I plan to be, I can look out for those behind me. Are you looking to sign to a major record label?

Boobe: If it were set up the right way where I can have control & have the right budget, I would love to work with a major label. I’m used to spending my money the way I want & as long as a major isn’t trying to put a cap on to anything, it should be good. If a major feels that they could invest in me & put trust in me & we work together, I believe it would be successful with the moves I’d like to make. But yeah, I’d love to get with a label – you can only spend your own money & get so far. The major can throw some game on the fire and make it that much bigger – that is the ultimate goal. But if I could stay independent & get the same results, believe me, I would. What else are you working on?

Boobe: I’m in my first movie. A movie called “Recognize” which is directed by my homie T-Miles, he works for No Limit Films so its going to be a No Limit Films. He has me in there as the co-star, he is the main star in it & I play a cat named Ray – I’m in there all wild. It’s a good look and I really enjoy shooting it – we’re in Atlanta filming now. I have about two days left of shooting & we will be wrapping soon. I think it’s going straight to DVD so it should be dropping in the Fall sometime. Where can you be found on the web?, – I don’t remember my Myspace (laughing) and then I’ve got, & that’s about it.