Cee Lo And His Cat Remix “Meow Mix” Jingle


(AllHipHop News) Eclectic rapper Cee Lo Green has been hired to remix the legendary “Meow Mix” cat food jingle.

Cee Lo used his Parisian kitty “Purrfect the Cat” to update the remix, which has not been heard on the television for over 16 years.

“Purrfect was thrilled to hear about this new deal with Meow Mix cat food,” Cee Lo Green, said. “That sultry purr of hers is perfect for a modernized remix of the iconic Meow Mix jingle. Watch out cats!”

Cee Lo Green’s cat has become relatively famous, since the rapper adopted the feline for his stay in Los Angeles.

The cat was also featured on the hit second series of the TV show “The Voice.”

Cee Lo Green’s cat even has 50,000 followers on Twitter, making the feline a valuable marketing tool for the rapper as well.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kelton Research, five percent of Americans believed that if their cat could talk, it would sound like Cee Lo Green.

“This is truly the ‘perfect’ opportunity to introduce the Meow Mix cat food jingle to a whole new audience of pet lovers,” said Sue Resnicoff, Director of Cat Food Marketing, Del Monte Foods. “We’re so thrilled CeeLo and Purrfect the Cat were up for the job of remixing this classic and memorable jingle.”

The new version of the “Meow Mix” theme song can be heard at www.MeowMix.com.

The Meow Mix brand will also donate one pound of cat food to Pets Are Wonderful Support, Los Angeles (PAWS/LA).

The goal is to donate up to 12,000 pounds of cat food to low-income seniors, who cannot afford to feed their pet kitties.