“Dirty Dozen” by D12 [Video]

Peep the latest visual from D12 promoting their new project, “The Devil’s Night Mixtape!”

Even though it has been over a decade since their last proper album, Detroit Hip-Hop collective D12 has returned in a big way recently with the release of The Devil’s Night Mixtape.  And to accompany the momentum, Kuniva, Swifty, and Bizarre just dropped a dope black and white video for the Block Symfany-produced track, “Dirty Dozen.”

Kuniva opens the record by saying, “I swear on Big Proof I ain’t stopping.”  And thankfully, he didn’t.  The Dirty Dozen aren’t just back, but out to prove that they can compete with any remaining contemporaries as well as the newer generation of emcees that they undoubtedly influenced when they broke out on the national scene back in 2000.  Watch the video below!!!