EPIC WIN OF THE DAY: Comedian Aziz Ansari HILARIOUSLY Reimagines Hip-Hop Album Covers


Comedian Aziz Ansari has gone through a rebranding of sorts and will now be known as Emceez Ansari. Well not exactly but that doesn’t sound like to bad of a name based on some of the monikers that artists go under nowadays.

For “his” first act Emceez has reimagined some of Hip-Hop’s most memorable and iconic album covers. And if you didn’t think they were memorable before, they sure are now.

Check out Aziz Emceez getting his A$AP Rocky, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Nas and Nicki on among others below:

LIVE LOVE A$APThe Blueprint 2

The ChronicFlockaveli

Get Rich Or Die Tryin’Pink Friday Roman Reloaded

Self Made 2Carter IV

Dreamchasers 2Life Is Good

Ready To DiePink Friday Roman Reloaded

Check out all of the pic’s on Emceez Ansari’s Tumblr which in fact isn’t directly associated with Aziz but with this much attention, they might as well be since Aziz’s reach in Hip-Hop has already seen the comedian and actor appear mix and mingle with a number of Hip-Hop’s elite.

Aziz was glimpsed in The Throne’s music video for “Otis” and a handful of his stand-up numbers include jokes about 50 Cent and Kanye West, one of which you can see below:

Keep em’ coming Emceez!