Exclusive: Gunplay Speaks on Post ‘House Arrest’ Activity

Fresh Off House Arrest, Gunplay Talks to AHH

(AllHipHop News) One Week after being released off House Arrest  Gunplay spoke with AllHipHop for his first  Interview. With his new album Medellin in its early stages the embattled MC has decided to steer away from the controversy and focus on the music

Gunplay touched on what he has been doing since being let off house arrest to keep himself busy while crafting his debut album for Def Jam / Maybach Music Group.

“Being on House Arrest it sits you down , it takes you out the loop to see what’s really going on, when you see what’s really going on it be crazy …after everything I see what’s what, and who’s in my corner. All I do now is stay in the crib, play video games smoke a quarter pound of weed. I sit in the crib watch my b#### cook, I pop mollys, I walk around the crib in my boxers rapping that sh*t, that Rozay sh*t, that Box Chevy sh*t, that Box Chevy. Shout out to the Bath Salt Boss, started with a Box Chevy, I just be chilling.”

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