Exclusive Hip-Hop Rumor: Is Soulja Boy The Next Rapper To Join Reality TV?


Word on the street is that Soulja Boy is looking to expand his portfolio and may be producing a reality TV show starring him. Our source tells us that Soulja Boy wants to be your next “reality TV star” and hopes to “bank as much as Kim Kardashian.”

Soulja Boy shot himself into fame using his YouTube channel, and he feels like he can “resurge” his career as a reality TV star with rapper/ girlfriend Diamond by his side.

Diamond was an original cast member of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, but dropped out of the show after her ex-boyfriend Scrappy and his mother were added to the cast. Diamond was recently on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and spoke about a possible reality show starring her and Soulja Boy. Check out what she said below:

“That has came up a lot…I’m still debating. It’s tricky. You still gotta have that mystique about you and being an artist already established, it depends on how its played out. You can’t play with your career like that. Now, if you’re a person that’s just coming up, you’re a fresh face, then you can build off of that, but if you’re an established artist, it has to be done in a certain light. Maybe you’re showing others how to come up in the rap game or something. I know it’s gonna be drama regardless but if its on a certain level, then yeah. You gon’ have real stuff. People gon’ argue. People gon’ fight. It is what it is. But if its not set up to where its b.s., and you just let it flow then yea and if the money right.”

So she is confirming that they’ve played around with the idea. Hmm, do you want to see Soulja Boy and Diamond’s relationship unfold on reality t.v.? In related news, if you follow “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta”, you know that Scrappy and his mother, Mama Dee, have done a whole lot of talking about Diamond and have made some crazy accusations, including that she is not so fresh in her feminine areas. TMI anyone! Anyway, Diamond spoke out about Mama Dee airing her out. Check out what she said about it below:

“I don’t recall having a problem in that department. We gon overlook that one. Certain stuff you just don’t entertain. I don’t never remember having a problem in that department, so. All i gotta say is, it’s gonna be a time when everybody will understand everything.”

Make sure you check out Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta on VH1 tonight at 8/7c. Sidenote, have you seen Flava of Love and Charm School reality star Shay “Bucky” Johnson on the show? She’s the new girl in Scrappy’s life. Tonight’s episode is going to show Mama Dee warning Bucky about Scrappy’s baby momma, Ericka. Mama Dee seems to like Shay,but I wonder if she knows about her stint on reality tv? Check out an old clip of Shay Johnson getting kicked off of Flava of Love for starting a fight:
Have you seen this Mama Dee?