EXCLUSIVE: KRS-One Celebrates 40 Years of Hip-Hop


(AllHipHop News) KRS-One has always been someone that has championed the preservation of Hip-Hop culture.

From his tour in support of his Temple of Hip-Hop project where he described Hip-Hop’s raw elements, to his calling out of MC’s and record execs that have led to the commercialization of the genre, KRS-One remains a Hip-Hop historian and seeker of knowledge.

Recently AllHipHop spoke with the legendary rapper about the state of Hip-Hop and his feelings on the genre’s progression over the past few years.

“Its Hip-Hop’s 40 year 1973-2012, yo Hip-Hop turned 40 we are still here.  The revolution will not be televised.  You keep looking for real Hip-Hop on these b####### stations. You’re not going to find it!  Real hip-hop is meeting in small places.  Why? Because it’s real culture, it’s real street. We trying to preserve our culture. How do we preserve our culture?  We preserve our culture by preserving ourselves. We are Hip-Hop so when we preserve ourselves we preserve the culture. How do you preserve yourself? Knowledge of self.  How do you get knowledge of self? Create yourself. When you create yourself, you know yourself.  This is the key to Hip-Hop, self creation, so this is the movement here,” an enthusiastic KRS-One explained.

Performing “Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight),” “Sound of the Police” and many other classics, KRS-One educated the crowd on how Hip-Hop was “back in the day.”