EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tone Trump On Sticking to the Script and the CTE’s “It’s The World” Compilation


(AllHipHop News) Just a few weeks off of signing with Young Jeezy, Tone Trump spoke with AllHipHop.com about his rise to the mainstream, as well as his upcoming projects in the near future. From touring to new his mixtape and album releases, Tone Trump said he’s sticking to his core.

“A lot of times people try to think they blew up too fast, if you stay close to where your from. If you never leave, you don’t ever have to go back,” Tone Trump told AllHipHop.com. “My phone constantly rings  all day with n*ggas from jails  over to federal prisons, so me interacting with people on Twitter – most people would probably ignore. I embrace them all – to working with every DJ, to a new DJ, to the DJ Kay Slay, Flex, Damage…just me staying grounded. I’m from West Philly. I come from nothing.”

Tone Trump’s new mixtape, The New Fresh Prince, is available now, and about the project, the rapper said, “I basically was touring all last year without tapes; the promoters book me with or without a tape. The success of the tape is just going to be the people embracing it. I feel real proud about the music.”

Trump also touched on the upcoming CTE It’s The World compilation: “People can’t even imagine how good this music is sounding right now. This CTE, it’s the world album which will be coming soon…all the visuals y’all be fiending for. The streets is dying for this, and we going to give it to y’all, even the critics.” He added, “I think a lot of times, n*ggas think because we have more authentic street n*ggas, they think n*ggas ain’t going to be able to rap. We ain’t relying on ‘oh we real n*ggas.'”

Watch AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with @ToneTrump below:

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