Hip-Hop Pioneer Grandmaster Caz Drops New Book “Written! The Lyrics Of Grandmaster Caz”


(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop pioneer GrandMaster Caz just released a new book centered around his lyrics titled “Written! The Lyrics of GrandMaster Caz.”

The new softback book contains 44-songs written by the legendary Hip-Hop pioneer, who was a member of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers.

GrandMaster Caz is also credited with writing the verse that rapper Big Bank Hank used on the groundbreaking single “Rappers Delight,” by Sugar Hill Gang, who ostracized Hank in later years over the theft.

“Written! The Lyrics of GrandMaster Caz” contains verses from the rap star’s notebook, published for the first time in print.

The release of “Written!” comes on the heels of GrandMaster Caz’ high-profile appearance in Ice-T’s documentary “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap.”

“Its hard to describe the constant outpouring of love and respect that I have witnessed for Caz over the two years that it took to make our movie,” said “The Art of Rap” producer Paul Toogood said. “Caz has been described as The Robert Johnson of rap; very little recorded music by Caz exists due to him being stuck in a restrictive deal for 20 years. The esteem in which he is held by his peers is quite extraordinary.”

“Written! The lyrics of GrandMaster Caz” is in stores now at lyricbbook.com.

In the coming weeks, the book will be available on Amazon.com and select retailers around the country.