Hip-Hop Rumors: Amber Rose Really Preg? Rick Ross And 2 Chainz Hang! Snoop Dogg Dead?


Amber Rose IS Pregnant!

I know that we have had this rumor running around for a long time, but I have inside sources that have determined that Amber Rose is with child. They have said that Amber has made some key lifestyle changes recently. First of all, she’s stopped dying her hair color. Apparently, the chemicals she uses could be a detriment to the baby. She’s also reportedly stopped partying heavily. She has also been drinking a lot of Ginger Ale to killed the queasiness in her tummy. Yep! She and Wiz have a bun in the oven, these folks insist.
Rick Ross Parties With 2Chainz!


Last night, I heard a great party went down at the 40/40 Club last night. I wasn’t there, but I heard it was well attended by a bunch of DJ’s and industry people. The party was originally for 2Chainz, but Ross showed up. He’s promoting his new album God Forgives, I Don’t. I’m randomly wondering what Cory Gunz is thinking. Anyway, Ross is presently filming “The Next 48 Hours,” the AllHipHop exclusive video series. It will chronicle the new album and all that. So, look for it soon!

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Snoop Dogg Dead?

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg came just shy of saying that he’s retiring from Hip-Hop. Just read the headline!

Snoop Lion: “I Want To Bury Snoop Dogg” SAY WHAAAAAAAA???

No, he’s still with us! But, now the D-O-Double-G is moving in the the world of Rastafari! I personally think that Snoop has retired from Rap music. I think he’s come just shy of doing it just to keep that lane open for the future. I’m getting that he’s basically growing up and cannot continue down the kiddie path at 4pm. Some people are saying that Snoop Lion is just lyin’ to keep his name out there. I think he’s real with it.