Hip-Hop Rumors: Find Out The Kendrick Lamar/Tupac Connection


L.A. rapper Kendrick Lamar was on Chicago’s “Morning Riot” morning show and spoke about everything from his “good friendship” with Lady Gaga to working with Dr. Dre.  Kendrick also revealed a very interesting connection to the legendary Tupac Shakur.

The rapper was first inspired to rap when he witnessed Dr. Dre and Tupac shooting the “California Love” music video way back in 1995 – when he was only 7 years old. Check out what he said about the chance opportunity below:

I was in Compton and they were shooting the first version of it. They stopped right in front of the middle of the street. My pops had seen them and came back to the house and got me. My father went to the house to get me and put me on his shoulders to watch them shoot.”

Kendrick says he was inspired to do music ever since that chance encounter with the West Coast legends. You can check out the full interview below. Kendrick talks about his Tupac connection at the 2:28 mark: