Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Going To Sue Young Money?


Let me start by saying…I don’t believe this one at all. Well, lets just say there is probably truth in the rumors surrounding the case, but will Drake sue? Doubt it. First of all, this stems from J. Prince Jr. suing Cash Money.

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But in the lawsuit that J. Prince Jr. Has filed, he claims to unearthed that Drake is being swindled out of millions of dollars! Now, Drake just bought a home worth a reported $7 million, I believe. But that’s not stopping them from doing their legal diligence. On the flip side, Cash Money’s past crew has never been quiet about their money issues with Cash Money. People like BG and Mannie Fresh have said that the cash money they got from Baby was crazy “Slim.” You like that play on words. Don’t bite, rappers! Anyway, some insiders speculate that Drake is going to have a “coming to Jesus talk” with his money team and realize he could be getting much more money.
But, I don’t know about that. Do any of you remember when Lil’ Wayne once upon a time allegedly tried to leave Cash Money? That was NOT pretty and Weezy ended up staying put with the quickness. I think YMCMB is going too strong to fail right now. They will work it out.

Hopefully, J. Prince Sr. doesn’t need to get involved.