Hip-Hop Rumors: It Was All A Set Up…Or Was It? 50 Cent Admits Floyd Beef Is Fake!


I really can’t call this one. 50 Cent has been throwing shots at Floyd Mayweather over Twitter for a while now, and Floyd finally publicly responded over the weekend with a few shots of his own.

Mayweather sent out a flurry of tweets bashing 50 Cent’s album sales, calling him a “male groupie,” and even getting 50’s arch nemesis, Rick Ross, in on the action. Check out a few of Mayweather’s tweets below:

Wow, Floyd was not holding anything back with his tweets! And what does Rick Ross mean, “We the new Money Team?” Should we expect a Floyd/Rick Ross diss record against 50 Cent soon? Is Rick Ross going to be holding Mayweather’s belts on his way into the ring at his next fight?

Well, according to 50 Cent, his grandmother heard about all of the drama and urged him to put a stop to promoting someone who was convicted of “domestic violence.” 50 also confessed to the beef being fake?! Really, 50?! Check out 50’s tweets below:

Apparently, Floyd didn’t like 50 referring to his domestic violence past, and according to 50, Floyd began texting him like crazy.

These two are too much. Some of you called this beef out as a publicity stunt when the two first started going at each other. Now that 50 has admitted it, do you believe him? It just seems all too convenient that as soon as Floyd began calling 50 out on some of his career woes, 50 threw in the towel and called the beef out as fabricated. One would even observe that as soon as Rick Ross got involved, 50 high-tailed it out of tweet-ville. I can’t call it. I just hope we get a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight out of this. Shoot, right now I’d settle for a Mayweather/50 Cent fight on Pay-Per View!!

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