Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West Denies Rumors Of Domestic Violence


I see how Kanye West does it. He doesn’t do press, but when there is something he needs to get out, he says it in a rap song. We’ve seen this a lot recently. So, now…he’s doing it again. A week or so ago, the dude was accused of beating on his ex-fiancee Alexis. Well, this just didn’t happen, according to Kanye West. What did he do? he jumped on a track from an obscure Chicago rapper and spit about it. I guess he’s not obscure anymore now that Ye got Pusha  T, Jadakiss and Big Sean on the remix of “I Don’t Like.” Oh, his name is Chief Keef and he’s only 19 years old. (Bet you $10 dude’s real name is Keith.) Anyway, on the track, Kanye says “A girl will run her mouth only out of spite, but I’ll never hit a woman in my life.” Very simple, but he ends up answering the question and responding to the rumors.

Here is the song:

In related news, the producer Young Chop is LIVID that somebody, he thinks Kanye, changed the beat up on his original track. “I’m mad as hell, I’m mad as f**k for the simple fact that they did not ask me to change up s**t in my beat. They don’t have no files to none of my s**t, so how the f**k did they add another melody over the instrumental. These mother f*ckers are playing me, and I don’t give 2 f**ks, I will sue the s**t out of Kanye West, and he needs to call my phone right now before I snap. I don’t like that, that s**t is disrespectful.”

Chill Chop! This remix goes hard. Take yo credit, big bro. LOL! Chop is talking a lil’ too much in the clip below.